Stephanie Laine Hamilton.

Proprietor. Historian. Writer.

ZEPHYR HERITAGE is the brain-child of Stephanie Laine Hamilton.

Hamilton is an accomplished Rocky Mountain historian who engages in work as an author and heritage and interpretation specialist/consultant.

The aim of ZEPHYR HERITAGE is to make a wide range of heritage services available to people and/or organizations on a flexible, by-project basis. All costs are determined by project.

ZEPHYR specialties include: rocky mountain resource development and coal-mining history, community development and cultural history, mountain building and geology, natural history and ecology.

Hamilton also has a proven record publishing on both academic and popular topics.

See also, www.stephanielainehamilton.com

Stephanie Laine Hamilton on ResearchGate

Plus a few additional certifications:
  • 80-hour Wilderness First Response certified
  • Interpretive Guides Association – Member in good standing
  • Range Safety Officer trainer certifications – PAL, RPAL, RSO-AFSS
  • Chartered Herbalist – Dominion College

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